MathJax, SRE and some Diagrams

MathJax, SRE and some Diagrams
Technical Background

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What is MathJax?

Short Answer: Davide Cervone

In our context: translation of LaTeX to Nemeth Braille

Speech Rule Engine

SRE in MathJax

$$x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}$$

Generate Semantics


Nemeth in SRE

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Click or focus on the formula and press ENTER to start, Escape to quit.

MathJax on the Server

2D in Nemeth

Quality Assurance

Some Challenging Examples

Nemeth is challenging to get right automatically, but sometimes automation is better:

Some Future Additions

What about Diagrams?

Some Standard Examples

Screen reader accessibility

Also tactile, audio Tactile, etc. But no Braille!

Diagrams for Screenreading

Click or focus on the diagram and press A to start, Escape to quit, Escape to quit.

Tactile Diagrams